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“We can only be at peace with our personal resolutions just when we fully understand the circumstances that prompted the decisions.” – FOKUMLAH NCHUNGONG


The sixth of June is Sweden’s National Day. In Stockholm, the open park at Fridhemsplan is absolutely the best place to celebrate in my point of view. Summertime it is! Beautiful verdant scenery providing the backdrop for luxury vessels anchored on the shores of this city of fourteen islands, jet-skis skimming across water by weekend warriors hell-bent on maximum speed, the festive sounds of concerts and impromptu happy gatherings under leafy boughs, and so much more.

I’m in one of my favorite parts of the city, and under the bridge, there’s a marina packed with people lying half-naked on the grass, exposing their bodies to be browned by the mid-year sun. The aromas of countless barbecues lingers in the air, and the canopies of a dozen non-governmental organizations and other worthy associations are displaying their products and projecting their visions of a better tomorrow. Bass-heavy sounds from randomly placed speakers blend in a happy cacophony.
The headliner of the day is the internationally acclaimed disc jockey: Thomas Gylling, popularly known as DJ Mosquito.

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Chapter 1
My Black Man – My Weakness

(Astrid E. 41 years old. Stockholm-Skarpnäck)


I will never know the reasons why my mother had to get married to my stepfather. I never knew my biological father, and my mother never ever wanted to talk about him. But my stepfather I knew all too well. He was the meanest person I’d ever met, and the mistreatment that he subjected me to since I was only five years old, inflicted wounds that still pain me severely even today. My hatred for him was so acute that at night I often dreamt of killing him. Even though both my stepfather and mother are dead now, I still feel hurt and feel hatred curdling inside of me when I think of that cruel man.

While I was growing up in Dalarna, I was never a very sociable person due to the constant anger that welled up inside of me as a result of my stepfather’s abuse. Above all, it was difficult for me to look at my peers, other girls in their beautiful dresses and flattering make-up always. They looked so gorgeous, while I always looked so pitiful: forever self-conscious about the bruises and swollen lips I could not hide from the beatings I had to endure at home.

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Not Always the Best of Both Worlds [e-book]


Contemporary diversity in Swedish family life and its Psychological impact on mixed-race children (Black and White specifically)

“We can only be at peace with our personal resolutions just when we fully understand the circumstances that prompted the decisions.” – Fokumlah Nchungong

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